r-connect supported the Interdisciplinary Platform on Benefit Assessment
European HTA Procedure: endpoints count? Advances and Pitfalls
J. Bausch, MD, PhD
Former Member of the Board of Physician's Association KBV and Long Term Member of the FJC
The German 'AMNOG law' is widely respected as a societal and political success story. Transferring key learnings and expertise to ensure high quality within the upcoming EUnetHTA assessments and advice procedures are the next task ahead.

r-connect is very well positioned to contribute to these exciting developments.

M. Gyldmark, PhD
Roche Diagnostics, Basel, Switzerland and Founding Member of the Copenhagen University Summer School, Market Access
Tailored Solutions that fulfill highest scientific standards and address urgent patient needs: that’s what is required to successfully ensure market access.

r-connect is set up to provide us with the support we need.

A. Maetzel, MD, PhD
Senior VP Medical Affairs at Kalvista, USA
Critical for innovative start-up companies is to synchronize data generation and value strategy from beginning on.

r-connect‘s strength is to cover the value life cycle from the cradle on.

O. Wilde
Irish Poet and Playwright
(From Lady Windermere's Fan)

Cecil Graham: What is a cynic?
Lord Darlington: A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.